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What are the Public Wi-Fi Tips?

Coffee is great, but is the open and free public Wi-Fi trusted? This morning I visited a local coffee shop and enjoyed a cup of java with a fresh blueberry scone. While at this coffee shop, like others; I connected my devices to the local Wi-Fi access point when I found faster internet service than my service providers.

Public Wi-Fi Dangers – Kaspersky Lab

Public Wi-Fi Best Practices

What are the suggested best practices for using public Wi-Fi?

Coffee Shop Public Wi-Fi Access Points
  • Connect to the right access point name by asking ‘what is the proper network name’ if it is not posted.
  • Locked Wi-Fi networks require a password. Use of access points with passwords is yet another check that you are connecting to the right network.
  • In the device settings, set your phone, tablet, or laptop to ‘Ask to Join Networks’
  • Your smartphone hotspot can tether to a laptop, is enabled. Do use a password to make the handshake between the devices.
  • Carry a mobile hotspot with you. Provided there is a cellular tower in the area that supports your mobile hotspot, you may even have faster speeds with your own hotspot (example a 5G hotspot).
  • Avoid using personal-secure data like banking or credit card information.
  • Use good password hygiene. Also use second factor authentication and consider using password managers to manage stronger, unique passwords.
  • Check for website secure connections (HTTPS).
  • Consider using VPN – Virtual Private Network software. Your devices and locations will be less apt to be deciphered.
  • In Windows, turn-off sharing properties.
  • Keep your operating system and apps updated.
Asheville Coffee Shop Wi-Fi Users

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The author of this article, Marc Czarnecki frequently visits coffee shops and uses public Wi-Fi for the benefit of faster and more dependable connections that sometimes are better than mobile / cellular connections.

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