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Digital Citizenship

Portrait of a Digital Citizen

What are the Attitudes & Behaviors Around the Internet?

The pandemic has dramatically changed the world, making our lives more digital and changing our attitudes and behaviors around the internet.

Jaya Baloo, Chief Information Security Officer at Avast

How has COVID-19 impacted digital activity? What are the key global findings?

  • Many people will continue to stay online.
  • The internet has been more educational.
  • As online populations grow, so do data project concerns around privacy and security.
  • Lack of understanding and knowledge about digital literacy remain high.
  • Dating sports classes, and banking moved to the online world in greater numbers.

Portrait of a Digital Citizen defines digital citizenship as “a person who develops the skills and knowledge to effectively use the internet and other digital technology, especially in order to participate responsibly in social and civic activities.”

At the core of digital citizenship, privacy is a top and growing topic.

Please contact a member of the WNC Broadband Project Leadership Team to share your thoughts on the importance of the internet.

Local groups including the ‘Experienced Workforce Initiative’ or Asheville 50+ Works are seeing more and more people become internet converts with video conferencing, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other platforms.

The ‘Digital Literacy Network’ of Buncombe County started in June of 2021 and has seen 2000+ website hits in itself.

The internet has grown to become an indispensable tool to help everyone maintain normal lives with educational, employment, social, and telemedicine thanks to high speed internet.

Give back to your Western North Carolina community by volunteering and stewarding digital literacy among your friends, family, and organizations.

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