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Digital Inclusion Individuals

During the Digital Inclusion week from October 4th through October 8th, the Western North Carolina Broadband Project Team aims to help you navigate the topic of digital inclusion. At the heart of digital inclusion are the community individuals that steward broadband for our future.

Who are the individual WNC Broadband Project liaisons?

WNC Broadband Project Team

Incepted in 2017, the Western North Carolina Project began to support communities interested in ensuring access to reliable, truly high-speed internet service. The team empowers individuals, communities, and area leaders in advocating effectively for their digital needs.

The WNC Broadband Project was created to augment what WestNGN has done to promote broadband among governmental units. Involving many of the same people, the WNC Broadband Project aims to provide information, support neighborhoods interested in ensuring access to high-speed internet service and advocate for an inclusive broadband strategy.

The WNC Broadband Project intends to develop tools to empower individuals, communities, and area leaders to achieve area coverage and inclusiveness.

William Sederburg, Chair of the WNC Broadband Project

Leading the WNC Broadband Project is Dr. William Sederburg. His vision includes the “WNC Broadband Future is Not Just a Rural Problem.”

Dr. William Sederburg, Retired College President, Chair of WNCBP

WNC Broadband Project Advisory Board

Advisory council members are serving as involved citizens, not as representatives of their organizations.

WNC Broadband Users

Broadband individual users include:

  • Students and teachers
  • Business and workforce users
  • Healthcare individuals

Digital inclusion aims to level the availability, understanding, and affordability of internet communication technologies.

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