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Asheville Telework Work From Home (WFH)

Asheville WFH

Amongst a backdrop of the Appalachian Mountains that surround Asheville, North Carolina rests economic opportunity. With countless outdoor recreation opportunities, restaurants, and more; Asheville is on the radar for folks that have the ability to work from home (WTH).

These are the places with the highest concentration of people working from home. Courtesy of Hamilton Lombard.

Telework Occupations

What occupations are ideal for working from home?

  • Management, business, and financial occupations
  • Professional and related occupations
  • Sales and related occupations
  • Office and administrative support occupations
  • Information Technology
  • Financial activities
  • Professional and business services
  • Education and health services
  • Public administration

Percent Working from Home

In the image below, note how both Madison and Buncombe Counties have populations exceeding >8% working from home.

Percentage of people working from home, pre-pandemic in 2019. The state’s biggest cluster is around Charlottesville and counties near the Chesapeake Bay. Courtesy of Hamilton Lombard.

The WNC Broadband leadership team is eager to hear about your work from home experiences. Please email your comments or suggestions on this topic.

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Earth Day Recycle Repurpose

Earth Day Digitally

I could be called a ‘digital nomad,’ working and connecting to people and places throughout the world; from multiple places and different computers.

As we recognize Earth Day on April 22nd, let’s reflect on how and what we can do to become more earth-friendly in our digital lives.

Paper vs Electronic

The cloud has made it so easy to store, search, and archive content. It has been years since I used a print dictionary or encyclopedia. Google is my encyclopedia not only for searching and finding current content, but I prefer receiving email over print material in a snail mail format. Google Drive has become my personal encyclopedia of content specific to me.

Tech Hardware Repurposed

Smartphones Recycling

Recycle, repurpose, reuse is a moto that can be applied even to technology hardware. It is delightful to hear Apple recycling old iPhones with trade-in incentives. Most Android sales locations will provide similar services.

Desktop, Laptop, Tablet Computer Recycling

In Western North Carolina, I find Goodwill stores as being trustworthy to ensure older computer devices are received and correctly wiped of personal identifiable information. Peripherals and cables as commonly resold for extra life use.

In our digitally world, what is your favorite green strategy of our broadband-connected devices? Email

Manfred, Erica. 2022. “How Green Are Your Gadgets? – Senior Planet from AARP.” Senior Planet from AARP. April 4, 2022.

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Economic Development Live broadcasting Live Streaming

WNC Broadband Summit

What are the industries affected by broadband in Western North Carolina? There are many industries that can see better growth with better broadband.

Better Broadband

Better broadband can be defined as:

  • Affordable broadband
  • Dependable availability
  • Fast speeds with low latency

While planning a Facebook Live video recording at the local farmers market, we first ran a speed test and learned that due to upload speeds below 1 Mbps; a live recording could likely lead dropped video or broken audio. Thus we recorded the video an uploaded it to the YouTube link below.

UNCA Mass Communication Student Julia Murphy

WNC Broadband Leadership Summit


Register for the WNC Broadband Leadership Summit at:–BS

What are your WNC Broadband stories?

Please share them at

Amazon Broadband in WNC Satellite SpaceX

Satellite Internet Access

With the extreme terrain of Western North Carolina, could Amazon or SpaceX be an option for internet service for some?

Amazon vs SpaceX

In the article linked below, Yahoo address some considerations including:

  • Accessibility
  • Startup and monthly costs
  • Internet service speeds down/up, latency
  • Environmental costs
  • Alliances (example: Amazon with Verizon)

If you are a resident of WNC and have Amazon or Starlink / SpaceX service or are considering service, please share your experiences by emailing

Taylor, Amiah. 2022. “Amazon and SpaceX Are in a Race to Provide Satellite Internet Access from Space. Here’s How They Compare so Far.” Yahoo Finance. April 8, 2022.

Sheetz, Michael. 2021. “Amazon Plans to Launch Its First Internet Satellites in Late 2022.” CNBC. CNBC. November 2021.

Digital Divide Local Government NCDIT

NC and County Government – Improving High-Speed Internet

Now that North Carolina has ‘political will’ to implement broadband or high-speed internet throughout the state; what and when happens next?

Sadly many in rural communities can not get internet service because:

  • Internet service is not available
  • If internet service is available, the cost of internet service and/or computer equipment is prohibitive
  • Knowledge of how to use the internet is not available

In Western North Carolina, there is a broadband leadership summit on Wednesday, April 20th from 10:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

See this article to learn more about the leadership summit and how you could further the ‘will’ of implementing dependable high-speed internet for Western North Carolinians.

Sessoms B. What governments are doing to bring high-speed fiber internet to rural NC. Carolina Public Press. Published April 7, 2022. Accessed April 7, 2022.

Broadband in WNC NC BIO Remote Work Students

Remote Learning & Working Resources

Students and parents have resources available from the NC Department of Broadband Infrastructure Office.

These resources are for the parents and students who are learning and working remotely from home and do not have access to reliable or affordable internet coverage.

Remote Learning & Working Resources

  • Public schools
  • Public libraries
  • Technical Assistance
  • Broadband survey and speed test
  • Free public Wi-Fi
  • Drive-up Wi-Fi on buses

Visit to get more details.