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Amazon Broadband in WNC Satellite SpaceX

Satellite Internet Access

How does Amazon compare to SpaceX internet service?

With the extreme terrain of Western North Carolina, could Amazon or SpaceX be an option for internet service for some?

Amazon vs SpaceX

In the article linked below, Yahoo address some considerations including:

  • Accessibility
  • Startup and monthly costs
  • Internet service speeds down/up, latency
  • Environmental costs
  • Alliances (example: Amazon with Verizon)

If you are a resident of WNC and have Amazon or Starlink / SpaceX service or are considering service, please share your experiences by emailing

Taylor, Amiah. 2022. “Amazon and SpaceX Are in a Race to Provide Satellite Internet Access from Space. Here’s How They Compare so Far.” Yahoo Finance. April 8, 2022.

Sheetz, Michael. 2021. “Amazon Plans to Launch Its First Internet Satellites in Late 2022.” CNBC. CNBC. November 2021.

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