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College and Broadband

How can colleges adapt to the new learning paragons of our online worlds?

College days of 40+ years ago were without computers, laptops, and smartphones.

Today, video conferenced classrooms brings new paragons for learning.

The Chronicle of Higher Education does a ‘Trends Snapshot’ asking, What’s Ahead for College Broadband?

  • What community partnerships can be taken beyond the campus?
  • How do you manage the burden to the cost of high-speed internet and the needed hardware?
  • Students and teachers do have new perils and opportunities. How do you maximize these environments?
  • What happens to the digital gaps that are not closed after the implementation of broadband infrastructure?
  • In a digital world, how does a student most effectively communicate with college resources?

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What’s Ahead for College Broadband? Published 2021. Accessed May 13, 2022.