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The WNC Broadband team applauds the Southwestern Commission and IEI for digging into the topic of digital inclusion planning.

Stakeholders from various groups will need to work together to bridge the digital divide:

  • Community colleges
  • Libraries
  • Schools
  • Nonprofits
  • Churches
  • Experts in the fields of healthcare, aging, economic development, housing
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Lauren Callagan & Jensen StephensonSylva to Cullowhee, NC: The Hidden Community in the Mountains-Understanding the Importance of Broadband Development in Rural Communities
UNCA Mass Communication Projects Related to the SW Commission

Community Stakeholder – Call to Action

Contact the leadership team of WNC Broadband today.

Chang, Kirsten. 2022. “Southwestern Commission Leads WNC in Digital Inclusion Planning Process.” Institute for Emerging Issues. 2022.