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Barnardsville Small Business Yancey County

A Never Ending Small Rural Business

What are the broadband elements that help a rural small business succeed?

Venmo, PayPal, Instagram – how do they apply to a small rural flower business and the need for high speed internet?

They are the necessary tools for a ‘you-pick’ flower farm located in Barnardsville, NC; complete with fifth generation high speed cellular broadband.

A Never Ending Flower Farm Vase

the Never Ending Flower Farm

You will want dependable broadband to maintain driving directions getting to Barnardsville from Asheville, NC!

Instructions Booth, including Venmo QR code on the top middle

Digital Payment Accepted

Located a the top of a single lane dirt road is a large parking lot with a self-service stand, complete with black and white instructions :

  1. Payment fee for flower fees: $25 / vase, $75 bucket, $5 selfie (honor system).
  2. Venmo QR code for payment (cash and other online payments are accepted too).
  3. How to properly cut your flowers.

Faster than a gunslinger, my 25 year-old daughter had her smartphone ready to aim and Venmo pay the fee to get a vase of flowers.

Cellular Speed Test Results

Running a speed test app on my smartphone, running VPN, on a mountain side in Barnardsville:

Ookla speedtest results at the Never Ending Flower Farm
Ookla Speedtest App – Screenshot from an iPhone
  • 151 Mbps upload
  • 16 Mbps download
  • 0.00% packet loss
NEFF – Work area to fine-tune the flower arrangements and share their online stories

Instagram Photo Marketing


Visit the ‘Never Ending Flower Farm’ on Instagram and you will see the amazing world of on-line marketing with photography.

Instagram screen shot of the Never Ending Flower Farm, Barnardsville, NC

Google Map Directions

Locate this retail greenhouse and ‘self-pick’ flower business on Google Maps at:

Does you small business have sufficient broadband service to support your online tools?

We want to hear your story. Email with you details.