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Jeff Lee Nantahala Broadband Project Natahala

Natahala-Macon Co. Broadband

Macon County’s Natahala Community is working towards bringing an internet service provider to their area.

Congratulations to Jeff Lee for being a broadband steward in Western North Carolina with the Nantahala Broadband project.

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The Southern Scoop. 2023. “Nantahala Community Closer to Securing Broadband Access – the Southern Scoop.” The Southern Scoop. January 25, 2023.


“Nantahala” is a Cherokee word meaning “land of the noon day sun,” a fitting name for the Nantahala Gorge, where the sun only reaches to the valley floor at midday. The Nantahala National Forest was established in 1920 under authority of the 1911 Weeks Act.