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Devices Digital Inclusion Refurbishment of devices

Device Refurbishment Round Table

July 10th, 2023 – 1:00 – 3:00pm at the Land of Sky Regional Council Office

The WestNGN Digital Inclusion plan identified access to devices as a critical barrier to adoption of broadband resources.

WNC Broadband and the Land of Sky Regional Council had a round-table meeting to hear to hear about and discuss solutions to address electronic device waste and device access in WNC.


  • WNC Inclusion Progress
  • Community Needs for Devices
  • Device Refurbishment Program Panel
  • WNC Device Solutions Workshop
Device Refurbishment Roundtable Participants


Video 1

Late Start on Introductions

Video 2

Dr. Bill Sederburg

Video 3

Dogwood Health Trust

Video 4

Emery Ortiz is the Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer for the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library
Emery Oritz PowerPoint

View Emery’s PowerPoint at this link.

Video 5

Start of Panel Discussion

Video 6

Panel Discussion

Video 7

Yvette Brooks, Through the Trees