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BEAD Program NC Division of Broadband and Digital Equity Seniors

Senior Gap 

Senior Computer Gaps and Resources in NC

The map in the link below from the State of North Carolina BEAD Program 5-year plan shows the percentage of adults aged 65 or older in an area without a computer.

Together, this data and feedback from local leaders provide an evolving understanding of community needs to help the state strategically invest federal resources to expand broadband infrastructure and digital equity for all North Carolinians.  

The division closely partners with local government leadership, including the N.C. Association of County Commissioners (NCACC), N.C. League of Municipalities, and their members to influence participation in local coordination events and feedback initiatives, as well as provide information directly to community members from a trusted source.

NCACC President Tracy Johnson launched her presidential initiative, Connecting Counties: Expanding Broadband Access in NC, to bring together county commissioners, private sector partners, and state officials to explore the complexities and opportunities for expanding broadband.

The division participates in these meetings to drive bidirectional communication and collect crucial county input.

Information on Engaged Local Partners

Do you have ideas on how to support the implementation of broadband in Western North Carolina? Email