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Work From Home

A New Normal Here to Stay?

As a previous tech worker from three Fortune 50 companies, I’ve adapted to ‘the new normal’ of having a hybrid of working from a brick and mortar location, home, and various mobile locations.

I concur with Laura Miller from the Broadband Breakfast article linked below: these are good reasons why working from home is a ‘new normal’ that is like to stay.

  1. The world has become the connected place to find resources to help with my projects or for me to work for another with broadband providing high-speed internet.
  2. Flexibility is a benefit that allow various degrees of balancing professional and personal aspirations including volunteering for the benefit of my communities.
  3. Childcare/eldercare needs.
  4. Eliminating the commute, minimizing my carbon footprint to the world. Riding the Asheville public bus can get me to many places and ride-hailing fills-in additional points of connectivity. I also feel that I am more productive with less time in a vehicle; allowing more time for the work/life balance. Fixed, mobile, cellular broadband provide the fuel to make working from home possible.
  5. Diversity / inclusion of my communities and how I can serve them.
  6. Casual dress has become a norm for me during the multitude of video conference calls. A nice collar shirt is the top half presentation on a video call with shorts or my favorite comfortable pants on the bottom.
  7. Quality broadband is coming with more fiber-connected locations. Additionally, fiber provides the necessary connectivity for cellular towers. The 5G wave will make milestones ahead of 4G.

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