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Buncombe Library Public WiFi

Buncombe County Library Wi-Fi

Early voting is available at many Buncombe County Libraries.

How can you research the candidates?

With free wi-fi zones!

Networks and Password Details for South Buncombe Library Wi-Fi Access Point

If you don’t have a computer device to connect to the library access point, desktop computers with full size keypads and a mouse are available for you to use.

Desktop Computers – South Buncombe Library

Do you want some time to think about your election candidate selections?

The outdoor gazebo has seating to ponder your selections.

Black and White View of the Gazebo at the South Buncombe Branch Library

The end result for your early voting selection will bring happiness to your heart.

Pink Wire Heart Trellis at the South Buncombe Branch Library Gazebo

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Weaverville Public WiFi

Downtown Weaverville is a North Carolina town that attracts businesses and private residences as a community and it now has public WiFi available.

Like the infrastructure development of roads and walkways, the internet is the communication yarn that connects individuals to educational, tele-health, and economic development opportunities.

We are very pleased to make Weaverville a more entrepreneur and student friendly town by installing free, public wi-fi downtown and at our parks.

Access to the internet is an important economic development tool as well as an educational one.

We appreciate the help of Land of Sky Regional Council in implementing this project which allows locals and visitors to connect to the internet with no fees, no passwords and no hassle.

Patrick Fitzsimmons
Mayor of Weaverville, NC

Sara Nichols is a Regional Planner with the Land-Of-Sky Economic and Community Development team helped make this community connectivity a reality.

Support WNC Broadband Project advocacy for reliable internet for all by contacting a member of the leadership team.

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