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BAND-NC - Building a New Digital Economy Broadband funding GREAT Program


What North Carolina funding is available for broadband?

Growing Rural Economies with Access to Technology (GREAT) Grant

The Growing Rural Economies with Access to Technology (GREAT) Grant: The GREAT Grant provides grants to private providers of broadband services to deploy broadband service to unserved areas of the state.

Building a New Digital Economy (BAND-NC) Grants

Building a New Digital Economy (BAND-NC) Grant: The BAND-NC Grants are mini-grants to fund local digital inclusion projects to meet unmet community needs in North Carolina.

State Broadband Plan

Connecting North Carolina State Broadband Plan

North Carolina is within the top 20 for best broadband connected states.

BroadbandNow states, “3.1% of North Carolinians have access to fiber-optic internet service.

But most 120,000 North Carolinians have no wired connection and over 800,000 persons have access to only one internet provider.

The State has been working on solving these issues, with the State’s House of Representatives voting in May “to pass a $750 million broadband expansion measure…to close “broadband gaps” in less developed, rural areas of the state”.

Surveys taken by NC State’s Friday Institute found that “at least 450,000 households, or roughly 10 percent of the state lacks adequate broadband coverage” most seriously within the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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