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Faster WNC Internet

How To Get There

How can Western North Carolina get fast internet?

Although the FCC currently defines broadband as 25Mbs down and 3Mbs up; this is not future-proof because of the growing appetite for internet consumption and contributions. Many communities struggle with DSL, satellite, or cellular connections that experience poor speed and/or latency issues.

Creative and diverse broadband implementation solutions will be needed for WNC!

Broadband Growth for WNC

The Raleigh News Observer article linked below has 2 suggestions to expand broadband in North Carolina:

  1. Local Government Infrastructure Leasing – so that private providers can use fiber lines and power poles to expand service areas.
  2. Grant Money for Rural Broadband – NC currently bases eligibility for grants on data from Census tracts

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We advocate for broadband growth that will ultimately provide economic growth, education, and well-being for our beautiful WNC communities.

Campbell, C. (2021). Faster internet is a top priority for the legislature. But how can NC get there? Raleigh News & Observer; Raleigh News & Observer.