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WNC WiFi Lot Maps

Do you need to find an available, free broadband location in Western North Carolina? Bring your own mobile device (smartphone, tablet, laptop) that is fully charged to:

  • Check email
  • Search the web
  • Work on school, homework, educational needs
  • Perform employment, job video conference needs
  • Participate in online communication
  • Use telehealth

The interactive maps linked below shows lot-locations in WNC where broadband is available. Resize the map and click on the map locations for more details.

Land of Sky (LOS) Regional Council Counties

WNC Counties include:

  • Buncombe
  • Madison
  • Henderson
  • Transylvania

Southwestern Commission WiFi Lot Map

Southwestern Commission Council of Governments area map.

WNC Counties include:

  • Cherokee
  • Clay
  • Graham
  • Haywood
  • Jackson
  • Macon
  • Swain
  • Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians

Broadband access Broadband in WNC Community Development Rural WiFi

Fire Departments Role with Online Learning

How many students in Buncombe County do NOT have internet at home?

What is Jackson County’s doing to address this rural issue?

Could this happen in Buncombe County with 40% of the students studying from home?


Transylvania County Broadband Improvements

County Manager Jaime Laughter said the county has been working on broadband efforts within the very limited abilities state statutes give counties.

Those efforts include:

•Providing free Wi-Fi at nine community centers

•Working with WEST NGN through Land of Sky on regional broadband opportunities.

The county is currently a part of an ARC Grant to solicit better service for the Balsam Grove Community Center.

Through this effort, the county also has worked to show the speeds and affordability needs communities have to companies.

•The county is advocating through the North Carolina County Commissioner Association at the state level for better tools for broadband access. Both funding for broadband initiatives and state law changes to empower communities to introduce competition and expand access are at the top of the association’s legislative goals.”

Transylvania County Public WiFi

Broadband access Broadband in WNC Digital Divide Education

the ‘Homework Gap’ Video Will Shock You

70% of teachers assign homework that requires access to the internet.

Yet, 5 million families with school aged children do not have access to high speed internet at home.

the ‘Homework Gap’ is here

Support the Western North Carolina Broadband Project to improve the homework gap by contacting a member of the WNCBP Leadership Team.

#digitalinclusion #digitaldivide #digitalliteracy

Broadband access Broadband funding FTTP Madison

High-Speed Internet for Madison County

In rural North Carolina, French Broad Electric Membership Corporation will use a $3.2 million grant to deploy a fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) network to connect 4,056 people, 189 farms, 64 businesses, and two fire stations to high-speed broadband internet in Madison County.

#ruralbroadband #fibertothepremises #ReConnectProgram

Broadband access Broadband funding Broadband in WNC Digital Divide Education

Divided WNC?

What is a solution to the digital divide?

Digital Inclusion

1) Access to affordable, high-speed Internet.
2) Access to a computer or laptop
3) Digital literacy or skills

#buncombe #digitalliteracy #ruralbroadband #digitalworkplace

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Commute for Internet Access

What does an individual do when broadband is not available to fulfill education, employment, governmental, or other life requirements? Is it your civil right?

Computers, cell phones, broadband, and other electronic resources are expensive and not always readily available. Additionally, the cost of broadband makes it three times more likely that households without internet service can be found in urban, rather than rural areas.

With young people soon returning to school, what is the strategy to make life necessities happen?

Doing Schoolwork in the Parking Lot Is Not a Solution

Support the WNC Broadband Project today with education, advocacy, financial, or other resources to make broadband more accessible in Western North Carolina.

Broadband access Buncombe WiFi

Outside Buncombe Library – Free WiFi Zone

Buncombe County Public Libraries have free wifi hotspots available outside any library building.

To use the wifi, look for the LibraryGuest network and use the password readmore.

The wifi is available all day every day, whether the library is open or not.

Please observe all Buncombe County social distancing and gathering requirements while using the wifi.

Questions? Call (828) 250-4700 or email

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Families in WNC Must Adapt to Limited Broadband Access

With the closure of schools across Western North Carolina, families have been forced to adapt in the face of critical gaps in broadband service, in order to ensure that their students can participate in remote learning. A recent Asheville Citizen-Times article by Brian Gordon examines the impact of these obstacles to online learning in WNC and follows the story of the McGoverns, whose three school-age children have to complete their coursework using the hot spot on their mother’s cellphone. To learn more about how the McGoverns and other families like them are confronting the barriers to broadband access, visit the Asheville Citizen-Times.

Broadband access Broadband in WNC Digital Divide Education

COVID-19 and Broadband in Western North Carolina

Members of the WNC Broadband Project recently co-authored a opinion piece, “COVID-19 and Broadband in Western North Carolina,” which was published in the paper edition of the Asheville Citizen-Times on Sunday, 12 April 2020. To read a text version of this article, click here.