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Lake Lure Rutherford

Capturing Broadband in Pictures: The Unseen Beauty of Lake Lure, NC

Lake Lure North Carolina is well-known for its breathtaking scenery, but there’s another layer to its beauty: its burgeoning broadband network.

Local Asheville photographer Marc Czarnecki took a journey to capture this lesser-known side of Lake Lure.

The Concept

This blog aims to showcase the integration of technology within nature.

It’s about how broadband not only connects people digitally but also acts as a lifeline for the local community.

The Technique

Marc uses various shots to capture the invisible signals in the air.

The photos illustrate the broadband waves as light trails juxtaposed against Lake Lure’s natural landscapes.


  • A picture featuring Chimney Rock with an overlay of broadband signals
  • A serene lake shot with data waves rippling across it
  • The Lake Lure Flowering Bridge framed by digital colors thanks to broadband connectivity


These images provide a unique perspective on how broadband is woven into the very fabric of Lake Lure, tourism, and the hospitality industries.

Tourists remind us that technology and nature can coexist in harmony.


Marc’s Lake Lure photo portfolio successfully portrays the unsung hero of Lake Lure: broadband.

Marc’s photography allows us to appreciate not just the natural beauty, but also the technological veins that keep the community pulsing.

Feel free to share this blog post and join the conversation about Lake Lure’s hidden beauty and how broadband helps communicate the economics of tourism.

Web Tech Czar’s 360 Sphere.Biz Photography

by Marc Czarnecki