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Through the Trees – Dogwood Health Trust Partner in:​ “Health & Wellness”

DHT or Dogwood Health Trust’s purpose is to dramatically improve the health and wellbeing of all people and communities of Western North Carolina.

So why would the Dogwood Health Trust categorize ‘Through the Trees,’ a computer device refurbisher in Brevard, NC; a ‘health & wellness’ partner?

Computer device refurbishers may fall under the health and wellness category in philanthropy for several reasons:

  1. Digital Inclusion: Providing affordable devices can promote access to healthcare services and information, enhancing overall well-being.
  2. Education: Refurbished computers can aid in health education, enabling people to make informed decisions about their health.
  3. Mental Health: Access to technology can alleviate feelings of isolation and provide mental health resources.
  4. Environmental Impact: Refurbishing reduces e-waste, contributing to a healthier environment.

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Brevard Through the Trees Transylvania

In The News

Through the Trees

In Western North Carolina’s Transylvania County your find the hometown of Brevard and ‘Through the Trees.’

What is ‘Through the Trees?’

It has been found by the Charlotte Observer and featured in the article below.

Masten P. “Internet is everything”: western NC nonprofit helps connect its rural community | Opinion. Charlotte Observer. Published February 13, 2023. Accessed February 16, 2023.

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