5g Telecom Industry Workforce

Broadband Workforce

The telecom industry needs assistance to meet the needs of a growing broadband workforce.

“Congress should also bolster the capabilities of institutions of higher education, which have not kept pace with the rapid growth of our industry and the need for curricula necessary to ensure a diverse workforce capable of deploying fiber and 5G infrastructure for commercial mobile and fixed wireless networks…

There is also a need to modernize existing programs, including hands-on field activities for broadband deployment and better data to inform program design and measure success. 

To ensure funds target actual needs, employers should drive public-private partnerships with community colleges, universities, and other institutions to develop degrees and programs of study on broadband deployment and 5G training. “

WIA – Wireless Infrastructure Association

Telecom Industry Unites Behind Call for Broadband Workforce Development to White House, Congress – WIA. (2021, January 27). WIA.

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