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Amazon Broadband in WNC Satellite SpaceX

Satellite Internet Access

With the extreme terrain of Western North Carolina, could Amazon or SpaceX be an option for internet service for some?

Amazon vs SpaceX

In the article linked below, Yahoo address some considerations including:

  • Accessibility
  • Startup and monthly costs
  • Internet service speeds down/up, latency
  • Environmental costs
  • Alliances (example: Amazon with Verizon)

If you are a resident of WNC and have Amazon or Starlink / SpaceX service or are considering service, please share your experiences by emailing

Taylor, Amiah. 2022. “Amazon and SpaceX Are in a Race to Provide Satellite Internet Access from Space. Here’s How They Compare so Far.” Yahoo Finance. April 8, 2022.

Sheetz, Michael. 2021. “Amazon Plans to Launch Its First Internet Satellites in Late 2022.” CNBC. CNBC. November 2021.

Broadband in WNC Satellite Starlink

Starlink Availability in WNC

Starlink is a low earth orbit satellite internet constellation operated by SpaceX. With many thousands of mass-produced small satellites in low Earth orbit (LEO) that communicate with designated ground transceivers; Starlink is able to provide faster broadband speeds than traditional satellite service providers.

Wikipedia indicates while the technical possibility of satellite internet service covers most of the global population, actual service can be delivered only in countries that have licensed SpaceX to provide service within any specific national jurisdiction. As of March 2022, the internet service offering is available in 29 countries.

Not with Starlink’s interactive map, Western North Carolina residents can search their location to determine if Starlink is available for their geographic area.

If you have Starlink service in WNC, please share details about your experiences by emailing

Starlink. 2020. “Starlink.” Starlink. 2020.

Kan, Michael. 2022. “Can You Get Starlink? Plug Your Address into SpaceX’s New Map and Find Out.” PCMAG. PCMag. March 30, 2022.

Broadband in WNC North Carolina Satellite Starlink

Satellite Broadband Alternative

Starlink in North Carolina

When an individual or business needs high-speed internet beyond a copper wire or DSL, there is cable and fiber. But what if your community is not served by terrestrial internet? Starlink enters as a consideration for future connectivity.

Low Earth Orbit Satellites

LEO or low earth orbit satellites are notable because when compared to traditional satellite internet service providers, improved latency is a major benefit. Latency is the time it takes for data to be transferred between its source and its destination, measured in milliseconds. So having a satellite closer to earth has the attractive feature of being more responsive in sending and receiving internet data.

North Carolina Starlink Service

WRAL Tech Wire reports Starlink opportunities are being implemented in Eastern North Carolina (see the article linked below).

Starlink in WNC

Our Western North Carolina Broadband leadership team is eager to hear personal stories of Starlink in our mountainous region.

Please email your WNC Starlink comments our leadership group at

More About Starlink

Scroll through our articles about the category of Starlink.

“Tired of Broadband Choices? Elon Musk’s Starlink Offers Alternative | WRAL TechWire.” 2021. WRAL TechWire. September 6, 2021.

Affordability Broadband access Broadband as a Utility Satellite Starlink

Starlink for Rural Broadband

Starlink is a potential solution for broadband for rural America that provides low-earth orbit or LEO satellites that are connected in a sequence and are networked with a grid. The LEO network of satellites provides improved speeds when compared to traditional satellite service. New technologies including Starling promise to bring broadband speeds to remote and sparsely populated communities. Can it work in the rolling hills of Western North Carolina?

Traditional internet service providers, such as cable and telecommunications companies, have provided service to these potential customers; but due to the cost of extending the infrastructure to them, providing fiber high-speed service is not economically feasible. Copper telephone lines do not provide the future-proof speeds that are needed for our connected world. Is the sky the potential internet service for some?

Furthermore, North Carolina law has prevented city and county governments from trying to fill the internet service gap; forcing residents to find creative internet solutions that work for their community.

Highlights of Starlink

  • Researchers are testing several wireless internet technologies in remote areas of North Carolina.
  • The new services are bringing broadband to places that traditional internet vendors rejected.
  • The cost of Starlink — $499 up front plus $99 per month — could be too high for some families.

Other Starlink WNC Broadband Blog Posts

If you have Starlink service in WNC, please contact a member of our leadership team a with your personal feedback and comments about the Starlink or other low-earth satellite internet provider service.

Woolverton P. Elon Musk’s Starlink service helps wrestlers, school kids with high-speed internet at home. The Fayetteville Observer. Published June 25, 2021. Accessed June 27, 2021.

Broadband in WNC Latency Relevancy Satellite SpaceX Starlink Transylvania Video Conferencing

Low Earth Orbit Satellites

LEO as a Broadband Solution

Headlines commonly provide updates to Elon Musk’s SpaceX Starlink program. The SpaceX satellites are low earth orbiting satellites (LEO).

What are the pros and cons of low earth orbit satellites as a potential broadband solution?

Lamar Owen, Chief Technology Officer at the Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute (PARI) provides some insights in this series of recordings on the topics of broadband and PARI.

SpaceX Downlink, Uplink, Latency, and Capacity

The internet user experience can be associated with key broadband metrics, including the download, upload, and broadband latency. Additionally, our WNC Broadband project team member, Stagg Newman questions the capacity of a SpaceX satellite and its ability to serve communities.

We need to consider whether Space X can provide the downlink and uplink speeds needed, the low latency, and importantly the capacity to help solve the WNC Broadband challenges.

Stagg Newman, Former Chief Technologist, U.S. National Broadband Team, FCC

Stagg Newman, a WNC Broadband Project Team lead; also provides the link below on capacity and other challenges of SpaceX.

One way to think about SpaceX capacity is to realize that the entire capacity of the SpaceX satellite fleet that will be over the United States at any one time is about the same capacity as one single fiber equipped with the latest and greatest opto-electronics!

Stagg Newman, Former Chief Technologist, U.S. National Broadband Team, FCC

The WNC Broadband Project Team will be hosting a WNC Broadband Summit with UNCA and the Dogwood Health Trust in early March. Stay tuned for details and please contact a member of the WNC Broadband Project Team with any questions.

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Broadband Technology Lamar Owen Latency PARI Satellite Transylvania

Broadband Enabled

What has broadband enabled at the Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute (PARI)?

PARI Satellite Dish

As part 3 of the WNC Broadband Project’s inquiry around high speed internet at PARI, Chief Technology Officer Lamar Owen provides insights in this video recording to Marc Czarnecki.

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Broadband access Broadband funding Latency RDOF Rural Satellite Starlink

WNC Red-Green?

FCC Broadband Opportunity Map

RDOF Phase 1 Results

Is your rural Western North Carolina community striving for broadband?

Is Starlink low earth satellite a possibility for your internet needs?

The Federal Communication Committee has developed a drillable map of ‘Rural Digital Opportunity Funding‘ or RDOF – Phase 1 results by:

  • Gigabit: low latency
  • Above baseline; low latency
  • Above baseline; high latency
  • Baseline; low latency
  • Minimum; low latency
  • No Winning Bidder

Contact a member of the WNC Broadband Project Team to learn more about getting dependable, high-speed internet in your community.

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Challenges Facing Satellite-Based Internet

Frequently Asked Questions About Broadband

Latency and Satellite for Internet Service…

Delay is the time that it takes for the bits of information or data to get across the network and back. Delay is typically measured in milliseconds (msec) or 1/1000th of a second. Two-way applications, such as conferencing, are sensitive to delay. Minimal delay is also very important in interactive gaming applications. For today’s Internet access, 20 msec is excellent. Most applications can tolerate delay of two to three times this length without an adverse effect.

Broadband Latency

Nelius, J. (2020, December 11). Here’s Where SpaceX Has Promised to Provide Starlink Internet. Gizmodo; Gizmodo.

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