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Toolsets for UNCA Students

WNC Broadband Project team member Marc Czarnecki made a presentation to the University of North Carolina at Asheville (UNCA) Mass Communication students on February 8th, 2022.

Toolset Topics for Broadband Advocacy in WNC

The topic: ‘Toolsets’ to help each UNCA student engage on the topic of ‘Internet in Society.’

  • Public Relations
  • Telehealth
  • Education
  • Digital Divide
  • Economic Development
  • Broadband Policies

If you or you know of an advocate for broadband in WNC, please contact Sonya DiPlama, Ph.D, APR, Associate Professor of Mass Communication at UNC Asheville at

Sonya is a member of the WNC Broadband Leadership Team.

Broadband Bulldogs Digital Communication Information UNCA William Sederburg

Internet in Society

Stewarded by Dr. William Sederburg, Chair of the WNC Broadband Project; the WNC broadband leadership team has evolved a new community partner with the University of North Carolina at Asheville, in the Mass Communication Department; a new 2022 course titled Internet in Society.

“By definition, the Internet is a technical system: a communications infrastructure that enables networks around the globe to interconnect. It’s a network of networks.”

Broadband is the high capacity network of the internet.

Internet Society

Stay tuned for updates on the Broadband Bulldogs multimedia projects investigating broadband policies, digital red-lining, and the expanded need for high speed broadband due to Covid-19.

“How We See the Internet | Internet Society 2019 Global Internet Report.” 2019. Internet Society 2019 Global Internet Report. April 5, 2019.

Communication Digital Communication Digital Inclusion Digital Information Guide for Digital Inclusion ICT - Information & Communication Technology Information

Information Communication Technology

The internet has changed how we work, communicate, learn, and live.

Digital Information

Additionally, we live in a digitally inequitable world.

Digital Communication

How can you or your group steward digital inclusion and information-communication technology (ICT) in Western North Carolina while higher speed internet connections become available?

Navigate Digital Inclusion

The WNC Broadband Project Leadership Team is eager to hear from WNC individuals, groups, and communities. Contact us today.

Technology Navigation

Let’s make WNC more digitally inclusive!

#digitalequity #DIW2021 #digitalequityNOW

Affordability Assurance Wireless Communication Computer Basics Digital Equity Digital Literacy Hotspot Internet Phone Service


Digital Literacy

An Assurance smartphone is free for qualified individuals it comes with 10 Gigs of of monthly internet data for a laptop hotspot.

Periodically the Assurance phone tent can be found in Asheville.

Assurance Wireless Phone Tent in front of the Department of Health & Human Services Building on Asheville’s Cox Avenue (across from the bus station)

If you qualify, Assurance Wireless periodically sets-up a tent in Asheville and provides a free smartphone for life’s needed communication from friends, family, employers, and more.

  • Phone calls
  • Text messages
  • Weather forecast checks
  • Web search
  • Video content
  • Laptop hotspot
  • Telehealth

Additionally, if you are 60+ years old and you are a Buncombe County resident… and have questions or need help in using an Android or Apple smartphone for employment or careers, please contact a member of the Digital Literacy Network for assistance.

A member of our tech team will setup an appointment in-person or virtually.

Assurance Wireless Phone

Learn More About Assurance Wireless Phone

Communication Family Video Chat

Holiday Video Chat

Communication to Your Network

Broadband facilitates communication in the form of email, text messages, videos, and more to your network. Broadband is the carrier electronic of communication to coworkers, friends, and family. The faster the broadband, the better your communication experience when it comes to video. The more individuals on your video chat, the more broadband resources are needed. If your electronic devices support 4K or even sharper video images, the broadband demands become even greater.

Video Chat Services

For family holiday communication you will also want to use the easiest video conference tool; a tool that most everybody will feel comfortable in using. Sometimes the decision to which video software tool to use is based upon the available hardware. Based on Review Geek and my personal favorites, here are some suggestions:

Crider, M. (2020, December 20). What’s the Easiest Video Chat Service to Use With Your Family?; Review Geek.