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Broadband in WNC Digitally Disconnect Work Remotely

the Great Smoky Mountains

7th of the top 10 National Parks with the Fastest Mobile Download Speeds

A Park to Work Remotely or Digitally Disconnect?

Why are the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Great Smoky National Park some of the most visited national destinations in America? Climate, scenery, outdoor activities, family-friendly and other attributes are likely at the top of the list.

Did you know the Great Smoky Mountains National Park of North Carolina is listed as having one of the fastest mobile download speeds in? In fact is it listed as 7th.

Visiting Great Smoky Mountains National Park

When you travel or vacation in Western North Carolina, are you here to work remotely or digitally disconnect? Likely there is a flavor of both.

Camping with Water, Electricity, Cellular Data and WiFi

A feature of some national campgrounds is public WiFi. With the availability of WiFi or cellular data, connecting to work is likely to happen. Premium camping sites likely have cellular data connectivity. How does available broadband affect your camping location decision?

Broadband for Emergency and Operations

Emergency personnel also depend on broadband to provide services with the volumes. If the law enforcement, medical, or fire personnel need the use of video, broadband speeds are needed. Broadband is considered high-speed internet of at least 25Mbs down and 5Mbs up. Good broadband also means low latency. Not having sufficient broadband can affect park operations negatively with associated services include fuel, food, and logistical topics.

Plan Your Summer Trip

During the spring many folks plan their summer trip. If you trip is to a national park, ask yourself and family; how important is it to be internet connected? Likely if you are sharing photos and videos during your trip, you will need available broadband.

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