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2023-24 Policy Recommendations Broadband in WNC Executive Summary

Top Broadband Issues


The WNC Broadband Project is an Asheville-based broadband advocacy group that works closely with UNC Asheville faculty and students to conduct research, draft policy recommendations, and advocate for better broadband access throughout the state, with particular emphasis on the western region. Since 2017, WNC Broadband Project and UNCA have hosted annual Leadership Summits, published policy papers, created a presence on the web and social media, utilized UNC Asheville students to spread the word about broadband issues, and provided expertise to the community.


The WNC Broadband Project 2023-24 Policy Recommendations Document was created in collaboration with many state, federal, and local broadband experts, and it details many of the issues that our state still faces with respect to broadband infrastructure, access, and usage. This document is intended for broadband advocates, state and local government officials, universities & colleges, as well as non-profits & Foundations.

Highlighted here are the top 10 issues of interest to state legislators:

  1. Better Mapping Data of Broadband Coverage
  2. Better State Data & Improved ISP Reporting
  3. Continued Funding for the Affordable Care Program (ACP)
  4. Building Workforce Ready Digital Skills
  5. Providing Digital Equity & Inclusion Opportunities
  6. Funding for Completing and Updating Infrastructure
  7. Empowering Local Governments to Complete Unserved Areas
  8. Expand 5G Wireless Coverage
  9. Revise and Strengthen RDOF
  10. Funding Requirements Fund Pole Replacement Program
Download the Complete 12-Page Detailed Document Below


The North Carolina State Legislature has significant authority to improve broadband access in the state. While the policy recommendations described here are non-exhaustive, they address some of the key issues causing barriers to broadband access that affect NC citizens all throughout the state. The Legislature is uniquely positioned to address each of these concerns, having the opportunity to make a direct, positive impact on the lives of NC residents for years to come.

For more information please contact Dr. Bill Sederburg (

With gratitude, from the WNC Broadband Project Team

Bill Sederburg, Ashley Moraguez, Braden Ball, Claire Tomlinson, & Marc Czarnecki

Download the 1-page Top 10 Issue Executive Summary Below