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Communication Digital Literacy Guided Compass Telework

WNC Tele Work – Tele Education Future

Telework is the practice of working from home, making use of broadband via the internet, email, and the telephone; and the telephone is likely a smartphone connected to your local broadband access point. Using the internet will require higher bandwidth consumption to support the video element of conferencing. Having other family members using the internet at the same time will further demand true high speed internet or broadband being defined as >25 Mbps down and >3 Mbps up. with low latency.

For many in working from home in Western North Carolina, having alternative internet resources may help. Cellular, satellite, hotspot or other wireless connectivity can be a plus. However, wireless services are expensive, they may have data limits, could be affected by weather, and will likely not provide the dependability of terrestrial internet.

When we see research including the article linked below from the Pew Research Center stating “many US teleworkers show no sign of widespread Zoom fatigue;” we know our future will continue to depend on dependable broadband for employment, education, and our health.

What will our WNC future behold as many more people get connected to affordable internet?

Who will guide folks on digital skills?

Where will their compass direct them on the internet?

A Guided Compass For Our Digital Future in Employment and Education

More information is coming on a guided compass.

Stay tuned!

Igielnik R. As telework continues for many U.S. workers, no sign of widespread “Zoom fatigue.” Pew Research Center. Published May 4, 2022. Accessed May 24, 2022.