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Ideas from Old School to Digital School

After attending the first day of the UNCA Ideas Fest, it was so evident that broadband is part of our acceptance to ‘new-school’ ways and ideas that have scalability for future opportunities with high speed internet.

I appreciate the University of North Carolina at Asheville for setting an environment at the inaugural 2022 Ideas Fest that reminds us that we are evolving to digital ways that require broadband.

Print event agendaCvent app
Transpose text, numbersQR Quick Response code
BookseBook / Audio book
Analog phoneDigital voice
Pen, paper, padGoogle Keep, Apple Notes
Cash transactionsCredit card transactions
Censored librariesthe open internet
Meetings in personVideo conference
Book signingAmazon author ‘follow’
Gasoline carTesla vehicle
Film camerasDigital cameras
Board gamesApp games
In-house gymZoom gyms
Eat-inDoor Dash to home
Work in officeRemote work
Photograph albumSlack channel share of cat, dog, family pictures
Home caregiverHybrid home and work
Resume in personLinkedIn
Energy from fire of gas, coal oilSolar and wind networks
Slow learning curveFaster learning curve with YouTube
In person political actions and protestsOnline websites and social networks
Delivery of package to home, work, or PO BoxSelf-service Amazon Locker
Word of mouth communitiesSocial media channel or group communication
Print map navigationMap apps – Google Maps, Apple Map navigation
‘Old school’ thoughts to ‘New Digital Ways’ by Marc Czarnecki

How does broadband involve your new idea for the future?

Will those that did not have internet service thrive in the future with economic opportunity, education, and telehealth with broadband?

What are your ‘new-school’ ideas? Does it involve the internet?