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Advocacy Internet Service Provider Nutrition Labels

Nutrition Labels

FCC unanimously approves ‘nutrition labels’ for broadband services

Applaud the future of open and fairly presented broadband facts of the internet services being provided.

What are the facts of the internet services you pay for?

  • Expected range of download/upload speeds?
  • Latency or the time it takes for data to be transferred between its original source and its destination?
  • Hardware specifications?
  • Promotional details?
  • Monthly cost?

“Access to accurate, simple-to-understand information about broadband Internet access services helps consumers make informed choices and is central to a well-functioning marketplace”

Federal Communications Commission – FCC

Kelly, Makena. 2022. “FCC Unanimously Approves ‘Nutrition Labels’ for Broadband Services.” The Verge. The Verge. January 27, 2022.

Broadband Technology Information Internet Service Provider

Adapting Technology

How can a library respond directly and immediately to community needs?

COVID-19 has re-written how we interact among ourselves and our communities.

At the center of many communities is a library, a building or room containing collections of books, periodicals, and sometimes technology resources for people to use or borrow.

How can the capacity of a library better respond directly and immediately to community needs arising from the COVID-19 pandemic?

An ‘Adapting Technology’ program would allow for libraries to improve library operations through the purchase of technology that supports the efforts for libraries to reach residents, especially in support of education, health, and workforce development needs; and/or to respond to the pandemic and implement public health protocols.

Do you desire for your community library to become more adaptive with technology?

Please email with your ideas.

Note: Marc also provides mobile hotspots at the NCWorks Career Center of Asheville to make broadband available for those needing online access to workforce development tools.

“Adapting Technology | SLNC.” 2021. December 31, 2021.

Broadband in WNC Fiber FIber Act GREAT Program Haywood County Local Government NC General Assembly Skyrunner

Broadband In Haywood County

The WNC Broadband Project is happy to see ~300 locations in Haywood on the list to get broadband thanks to Skyrunner and broadband advocates in Haywood County.

Article Highlights

  • Public-private partnership between Haywood County and local internet service provider Skyrunner will soon result in broadband service for more than 300 locations in some of the county’s most underserved areas.
  • Haywood County’s rugged mountain topography can sometimes be cost-prohibitive in terms of expanding internet service, wireless or not. The $1.7 million Skyrunner project will result in a fiber-only buildout on Haywood EMC poles in Crabtree, Fines Creek, on Rush Fork Road, ending near Lake Logan.
  • Skyrunner’s cost per location is a staggering $5,600, highlighting the financial challenges of providing reliable high-speed internet to everyone in the county, however, the gigabit-capable, “future-proof” fiber can carry the capacity to serve others, once it’s complete.

Article – Milestone moment for broadband in Haywood

Smoky Mountain News

Vaillancourt, C. (2021, June 23). Milestone moment for broadband in Haywood.; Smoky Mountain News.

ARC Broadband funding ERC Broadband Haywood County Skyrunner

Haywood County Broadband Expansion Efforts

The Education and Research Consortium of the Western Carolinas, Inc (“ERC”, also known as “ERC Broadband”) is proud to announce it has selected Skyrunner as the awardee of its Request for Proposal (“RFP”) to expand broadband in the Fines Creek and Crabtree communities in Haywood County. This award is pursuant to funding received by the Appalachian Regional Commission (“ARC”).

ERC Press Release, April 15, 2021

View the full PDF press-release with this link

View area on Google Maps

Thanks to the Southwestern Commission Regional Council of Governments, Region A; for sharing this emailed content.

Broadband in WNC Charter Communications Cherokee County Clay County FCC Graham County Haywood County Internet Service Provider Jackson County Kevin Corbin Macon County RDOF Space Exploration Technologies Starlink Swain County

Federal Dollars for WNC Broadband

Seven westernmost counties are receiving $45 million of the total $166 million coming to the state under the program.”

State Senator Kevin Corbin

In an announcement on his Facebook Page, he says of the total 155,000 customers in North Carolina that these projects will serve, 35,000 are in his seven counties.

Lacey, D. (2021, February 25). Federal dollars to fund broadband efforts from SpaceX, Charter in WNC. The Asheville Citizen Times; Asheville Citizen Times.