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Toolsets for UNCA Students

WNC Broadband Project team member Marc Czarnecki made a presentation to the University of North Carolina at Asheville (UNCA) Mass Communication students on February 8th, 2022.

Toolset Topics for Broadband Advocacy in WNC

The topic: ‘Toolsets’ to help each UNCA student engage on the topic of ‘Internet in Society.’

  • Public Relations
  • Telehealth
  • Education
  • Digital Divide
  • Economic Development
  • Broadband Policies

If you or you know of an advocate for broadband in WNC, please contact Sonya DiPlama, Ph.D, APR, Associate Professor of Mass Communication at UNC Asheville at

Sonya is a member of the WNC Broadband Leadership Team.

Basics Digital Inclusion Education Internet skills

Digital Inclusivity in Using the Internet

Once users have the ability to use the internet with available WiFi, computer devices, and knowledge of how to use the internet; why is the internet so important for individuals and communities?  

Benefits of Using the Internet

The internet is a necessary communication tool for entities collaborate.  Email, text, video chat are the foundations of internet use.  Businesses, our government, communities, and families benefit from using the internet with:

  • Connectivity
  • Information, knowledge sharing, and learning
  • Address, mapping, phone, web and contact information
  • Sharing web resources like cloud photography, text files, web links
  • Selling and making money
  • Banking, bills, and shopping
  • Donations and funding
  • Entertainment
  • Work from home, collaboration, and access to a global workforce

Understanding how to use a web browser is important because we need to effectively search for information.  Google Chrome web browser, as an a example facilitates an ‘omnibox’ to:

  • Enter a web address or URL 
  • Search for keywords or phrases
  • Bookmark webpages for ease of future reference

Digital Literacy/Skills

What programs and organizations currently provide the following in your community/region?

Digital skills or digital literacy

  • Workshops
  • Courses
  • One-on-one sessions

Digital Literacy Location Stewards

  • Library hotspots and digital navigators
  • Workforce development training –
    • Career centers 
    • Job search training including resume writing on a text editor
    • Readiness Resource Labs
  • STEM/STEAM training, coding schools, IT certifications, or training
    • Microsoft
    • Google
    • CompTIA
  • Technical or computer certifications
    • LinkedIn Learning
    • Udemy 
    • GCF Global 
  • ACT Work Keys, testing, reading maintenance of 
    • Workplace documents
    • Graphics

Please contact a member of the WNC Broadband Project Team to learn more about ‘how to engage your group or community to learn more about the internet.’

“What Are the Advantages of the Internet – Javatpoint.” 2020. 2020.

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Digital Inclusion Education Internet skills

User Ability to Use the Internet

Continuing this week’s series on digital inclusion of individuals, groups, and access; here is a  look at the needed skills and ability to “effectively use the internet” or digital literacy.

At the foundation, a users digital ability is the skill or knowledge needed to communicate with email and search the web.

For many, lifelong learning may have exposed digital literacy from a start in pre-school, elementary, middle, or high school.  But what happens with those that did not have the privilege to learn about computers and the internet? Where does a digitally-illiterate individual go for help?

Because community colleges, libraries, career centers, and community centers are locations that provide internet access; digital navigators maybe also available to assist with using the internet.

Necessary skills to for internet use should include a basic understanding of:

  • About the internet and how to connect to it with a smartphone or mobile device
  • Email communication, suggested Gmail
  • Web browsing, suggested to use the Google Chrome web browser

Engage your community or group to become more digitally inclusive.

For assistance, contact a member of the WNC Broadband Team today.

We want to help your community or group navigate digital inclusion.

#digitalequity #DIW2021 #digitalequityNOW