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Digital Inclusion Plans To Take Advantage Of Broadband Connection Opportunities

What do North Carolina leaders have to say about upcoming broadband opportunities?

Ensuring that communities across the state have proper access to broadband and have a deeper understanding of the benefits of adopting digital technologies are essential components of our economic vitality.

Randy Woodson, NC State Chancellor

The new project will focus on development of formal, sustainable digital inclusion plans. IEI will work closely with regional councils of government (COGs) to help lead development of community-level plans to increase broadband adoption rates among all citizens, then provide counties startup funding to begin implementing the plans.

This grant is a terrific opportunity for western North Carolina communities to lead the way nationally in digital inclusion. Research shows that greater adoption of broadband in homes leads to better health outcomes, stronger economic development and better educational opportunity.

Leslie Boney, IEI Director

Broadband access is a key factor for achieving a fulfilled and healthy life, and is critical if we are to realize our vision of creating a Western North Carolina where every generation can live, learn, earn and thrive – with no exceptions.

Programs like BAND-NC help our neighbors and communities overcome the connectivity hurdles presented by geography or poverty to ensure that everyone has equitable access to this vital service.

We look forward to seeing the digital inclusion plans that our communities develop to help their residents take advantage of the opportunities broadband connections provide.

Dr. Susan Mims, Interim CEO of Dogwood Health Trust

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