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Digital Literacy

An Assurance smartphone is free for qualified individuals it comes with 10 Gigs of of monthly internet data for a laptop hotspot.

Periodically the Assurance phone tent can be found in Asheville.

Assurance Wireless Phone Tent in front of the Department of Health & Human Services Building on Asheville’s Cox Avenue (across from the bus station)

If you qualify, Assurance Wireless periodically sets-up a tent in Asheville and provides a free smartphone for life’s needed communication from friends, family, employers, and more.

  • Phone calls
  • Text messages
  • Weather forecast checks
  • Web search
  • Video content
  • Laptop hotspot
  • Telehealth

Additionally, if you are 60+ years old and you are a Buncombe County resident… and have questions or need help in using an Android or Apple smartphone for employment or careers, please contact a member of the Digital Literacy Network for assistance.

A member of our tech team will setup an appointment in-person or virtually.

Assurance Wireless Phone

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Broadband in WNC Emergency Backup Low-income Access Phone Service

SpaceX plans Starlink phone service, emergency backup, and low-income access

Providing broadband throughout Western North Carolina will require the consideration of viable options.

SpaceX is now planning:

  • Phone service
  • Emergency backup
  • Low-income access

Can it deliver these services in addition to acceptable broadband?

The WNC Broadband Project Team is receptive to feedback from any WNC SpaceX user. Please email with your purchase feedback of SpaceX Starlink services with information about what community your dish resides.

Brodkin, J. (2021, February 5). SpaceX plans Starlink phone service, emergency backup, and low-income access. Ars Technica; Ars Technica.

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