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Groups & Digital Inclusion

How do community groups contribute towards improving digital inclusion? Can community groups advocate for broadband to improve education, tele-health, economic development, and individual well-being?

Your Group & Broadband

As we get older we develop and engage with more communities and groups. The pandemic has created new opportunities for these groups to safely and conveniently connect via video conference and become lifelong learners; however, those individuals that do not have broadband maybe excluded.

“Digital equity” is achieved when individuals have digital literacy skills, access to affordable and reliable high-speed internet service, a device to access and fully use the internet, and the ability to fully participate in society, democracy and the economy.

NC Broadband Infrastructure Office

Internet Connectivity

How do individuals connect to online groups and communities? Using computer devices and the internet, individuals in a group connect:

  • If an individual has a computer device and can afford broadband, most will choose connect from home.
  • Work can be another internet connectivity opportunity for some.
  • Libraries have enabled public Wi-Fi and computers for use for some hours of the week.
  • Coffee shops and restaurants sometimes provide public Wi-Fi; but not alway the needed electricity to keep a computer operational for longer group conferences.

To help move the needle towards more broadband availability and connectivity, the North Carolina Broadband Office has a template and guide for digital inclusion to reduce the digital divide and prioritize digital equity for residents. Engage your community or group to utilize this digital inclusion template

Western North Carolina Broadband Project

The Western North Carolina Broadband Project is your community to advocate for high-speed internet for all. Why?

WNCBP aims to level the availability, understanding, and affordability of internet communication technologies.

Please consider stepping-up to the plate to engage your community or group to become more digitally inclusive. For assistance, contact a member of the WNC Broadband Team today. We want to help your community or group navigate digital inclusion.

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