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Earth Day Recycle Repurpose

Earth Day Digitally

I could be called a ‘digital nomad,’ working and connecting to people and places throughout the world; from multiple places and different computers.

As we recognize Earth Day on April 22nd, let’s reflect on how and what we can do to become more earth-friendly in our digital lives.

Paper vs Electronic

The cloud has made it so easy to store, search, and archive content. It has been years since I used a print dictionary or encyclopedia. Google is my encyclopedia not only for searching and finding current content, but I prefer receiving email over print material in a snail mail format. Google Drive has become my personal encyclopedia of content specific to me.

Tech Hardware Repurposed

Smartphones Recycling

Recycle, repurpose, reuse is a moto that can be applied even to technology hardware. It is delightful to hear Apple recycling old iPhones with trade-in incentives. Most Android sales locations will provide similar services.

Desktop, Laptop, Tablet Computer Recycling

In Western North Carolina, I find Goodwill stores as being trustworthy to ensure older computer devices are received and correctly wiped of personal identifiable information. Peripherals and cables as commonly resold for extra life use.

In our digitally world, what is your favorite green strategy of our broadband-connected devices? Email

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