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Contribution Factor COVID 19 FCC Maps RDOF Reverse Auction

Infrastructure Bill, Broadband, and the 7 FCC Steps

What are the 7 Steps the FCC should take on broadband?

  1. Enable stakeholders to debate (and the FCC to analyze) what COVID-19 taught us.
  2. Survey whether there is a critical mass of states interested in using the reverse auction mechanism.
  3. Anchor institutions to the mapping process.
  4. Postpone the second Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) auction
  5. Lower the contribution factor to reflect congressional appropriations
  6. Accelerate the RDOF review process and detail staff with expertise in that process to the NTIA
  7. Commence a process for stakeholders to debate, and the FCC to resolve, how best to reform the universal service mandate

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Broadband really is a major topic with major funding coming.  The WNC Broadband Project is here to advocate for future-proof broadband for all Western North Carolinians. 

Contact any member of the WNC Broadband Project with any questions.

Levin B. Seven steps the FCC should take on broadband in response to the infrastructure bill. Brookings. Published August 16, 2021. Accessed August 23, 2021.