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Broadband Availability Broadband in WNC Digital Divide NCDIT Survey

Slow Internet? No Internet?

Please take the Internet Connectivity Survey for NC Households and Businesses

The North Carolina Broadband Infrastructure Office, with the Friday Institute at NC State University, is conducting this five-minute survey to gather data on internet connectivity for North Carolina households and businesses.

The data will be used to inform research, policy and funding recommendations to assist communities where internet access is inadequate.

This survey includes an optional internet speed test. If your home or business currently has internet service, please take this survey from that location.

Your address is critical to identifying areas without adequate internet service. We ask that you provide the street address of the home or business, to help us identify areas needing improved internet access. Locations may be:

  • mapped to show unmet needs or demand for high-speed internet
  • shared with relevant internet service providers or other partners to identify service solutions
  • included in a public map, with location points buffered for privacy

Take the North Carolina Broadband Survey

  • In Spanish
  • Online
  • Via Text
  • Via Phone

Jones A. Survey could help lock federal dollars for Buncombe broadband expansion. The Asheville Citizen Times. Published March 7, 2022. Accessed March 8, 2022.

Broadband in WNC Digital Equity Survey

Digital Inclusion Survey

DIW2020 is October 5th – October 9th

Digital Inclusion Week 2020 (DIW2020) is Monday, October 5th – Friday, October 9th.

With your help, we all can move closer to our common goal: that all people have access and use of the Internet and the tools they need to use it.

Social Media Callouts

You can join the conversation on social media, with any of these hashtags:

  • #digitalequityNOW
  • #digitalinclusion
  • #DIW2020

WNC Broadband Project Survey

What digital inclusion in WNC?

Please take our survey

Broadband in WNC Data Maps Survey

Maps, Survey, Data

Broadband aspirations start with plans that are developed from data. As Representative Jake Johnson indicates in the video below, reliable service coverage data is needed for state, county, city, and community maps.

One of the layers of map data can be from your periodic speed-test survey on your home computer or mobile device.

For Homes & Businesses Without Internet Service

To report locations without internet service, participants can take the survey by phone. NC residents without internet service but with phones capable of text messaging can text “internet” to 919-750-0553. Standard text messaging rates will apply.

Can’t Text?

NC residents with landlines or cellphones that do not have texting capability may place a voice call to 919-750-0553. An interactive voice response system will guide them through a series of short questions to obtain the caller’s address and register it in the database as having no internet capability at all.

Rep Jake Johnson aspires “reliable service coverage maps”


The WNC Broadband Project aims to support communities interested in ensuring access to reliable, truly high-speed internet service.

It develops tools to empower individuals, communities, and area leaders in advocating effectively for their digital needs.

As a community-supported initiative building on the work of West Next Generation Network (WestNGN), it is not owned or controlled by any affiliate of WestNGN.

The WNC Broadband Project is also not financed by any corporate entity, as such financing would be inconsistent with the Project’s independent community engagement focus.

The views, opinions and products of the WNC Broadband Project are the sole responsibility of the Project team and its advisory board, acting in their personal capacity and not in any capacity related to WestNGN, UNC Asheville, or any other WestNGN affiliate.