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Asheville Telework Work From Home (WFH)

Asheville WFH

Amongst a backdrop of the Appalachian Mountains that surround Asheville, North Carolina rests economic opportunity. With countless outdoor recreation opportunities, restaurants, and more; Asheville is on the radar for folks that have the ability to work from home (WTH).

These are the places with the highest concentration of people working from home. Courtesy of Hamilton Lombard.

Telework Occupations

What occupations are ideal for working from home?

  • Management, business, and financial occupations
  • Professional and related occupations
  • Sales and related occupations
  • Office and administrative support occupations
  • Information Technology
  • Financial activities
  • Professional and business services
  • Education and health services
  • Public administration

Percent Working from Home

In the image below, note how both Madison and Buncombe Counties have populations exceeding >8% working from home.

Percentage of people working from home, pre-pandemic in 2019. The state’s biggest cluster is around Charlottesville and counties near the Chesapeake Bay. Courtesy of Hamilton Lombard.

The WNC Broadband leadership team is eager to hear about your work from home experiences. Please email your comments or suggestions on this topic.

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Asheville Fiber Remote Work Telework

Asheville NC Competitiveness in the age of Telework

Telework is the practice of working from home, making use of the internet, email, and the telephone. Remote work from home can help with childcare or elderly care needs. Telework is good for the environment by decreasing commutes and vehicle emissions. What other benefits are there?

Needed: Fast Dependable Internet

Broadband is consider high-speed internet, currently benchmarked by the FCC as 25Mbps down and 3Mbps and possibly in the near future as 100Mbps down and 20Mbps up. Although speed tests can give indications of these metrics, rural broadband could be categorized in speed buckets from slow to fast as:

  • Dialup
  • DSL or Digital Subscriber Line
  • Cable
  • Cellular (3G, 4G, or 5G)
  • Fixed Wireless
  • Satellite
  • Fiber

Where is Fiber Available in Asheville?

States and Cities can plan for Telework

In the Metro Asheville area, teleworking residents will need broadband and with recent Federal and State funding opportunities, get opportunity to connect to dependable broadband is approaching for many that haven’t had this benefit.

For states and cities, telework makes it less important to create local jobs.

Many of your residents won’t need to rely on the local economy for paid work.

They’ll tap into the national or global telework economy instead, earn their money that way, and spend it locally.

Connected Nation

If fiber optics are the high-speed internet benchmarks for ‘future-proof’ broadband, what can Western North Carolina and Metro Asheville, NC do to become more competitive for global telework?

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