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Digital Inclusion – Access

Digital inclusion of individuals and groups includes an awareness of internet access points and this week is recognized as digital inclusion week.

Because a portion of the individuals in our communities can not afford home broadband or computer devices, a community digital equity assessment is advisable to determine access points for desktop or laptop computers, tablets/smartphones.

Likely, current community access points include locations like:

  • Inside libraries or library parking lots
  • Parks
  • School parking lots
  • Restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores
  • Churches or places of worship
  • Career centers

These locations may also have digital navigators that can assist with internet access.  As an example, Buncombe Public Libraries provide assistance in connecting to their building Wi-Fi access point and provide printer services.

Making internet access part of your community’s digital inclusion plans includes creating goals for groups to address each aspect of the digital divide: broadband access, broadband affordability, computer devices, and digital literacy.  

Thanks to the Land-of-Sky Regional Council of Governments, Wi-Fi Lot Maps are available.

The WNC Broadband Project Team is here to help you.  Contact the leadership team today or mention your digital inclusion thoughts to a member of our advisory board.

The WiFi symbol, represented above is a stair-step icon, signifying available wireless internet connections.

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NC Broadband Infrastructure Office Digital Inclusion Planning Guide

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