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Economic Development from Remote Workers

What is Economic Development?

Economic development is the creation of wealth from which community benefits are realized.

In the communities of Western North Carolina, remote workers are an element of the creation of wealth. As recognized by CNBC, Asheville ranked 2nd in LinkedIn of small cities in the nation where remote working is most popular.

Economic development is more than a jobs program, it’s an investment in growing your economy and enhancing the prosperity and quality of life for all residents, says the California Association for Local Economic Development (1).

In a post-COVID remote work environment, USA Today reports that nearly 50% of US workers would take a pay cut for remote work benefit.

From an economic development perspective, work-from-home employees are a huge boon to a rural community that has likely been aging and slowly shrinking over time.

Employees making good salaries can provide a huge boost to a local economy.

For years, rural communities have sunk big tax incentives into trying to attract new employers.

It probably costs a lot less to attract one hundred remote workers than to lure a traditional employer that will bring a hundred jobs. (2)

Pots and Pans by, February 4, 2022

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