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ACP - Affordable Connectivity Program Broadband in WNC NDIA

Please don’t take my ACP

‘Please Don’t Take My ACP’ – Austin Blues Family Finds New Joy Online

Join the Fight for ACP– New NDIA Toolkit Helps You Take Action!

Huffman A. Join the Fight for ACP– New NDIA Toolkit Helps You Take Action! – National Digital Inclusion Alliance. National Digital Inclusion Alliance. Published August 28, 2023. Accessed August 30, 2023.

Community Development Economic Development Land-of-Sky (LOS)

Land-of-Sky Broadband Updates

Executive Director’s Report

On August 24th, 2022 the Land-of-Sky (LOS) Regional Council (RC) of Governments for Madison, Buncombe, Henderson, and Transylvania Counties; held a monthly event show-casing updates and relevant information regarding projects and initiatives for the LOS RC Departments and Agencies.

Economic & Community Development Updates

Broadband updates submitted by Nathan Ramsey included:

  • LOS partnered with NC DIT and the Division of Rural Health to distribute hotspots with 12 months service and digital literacy training for telehealth programs in WNC. To date 146 hotspots have been distributed to programs in three counties.
  • LOS is partnering with the Institute of Emerging Issues and Dogwood Health Trust to assist development and implement Digital Inclusion Plans in WNC with COGS across the region.
  • LOS received funding from Buncombe County to provide Wi-Fi in several Housing Authority of the City of Asheville (HACA) residential buildings. Staff received an update from the sub-consultant, Elawuit, that installation has begun in the first residential building.
  • LOS is working with NEMAC to develop a broadband planning tool. The tool is aimed to consolidate many of the various data sources into a project planning catalyst for future broadband projects in the region.
  • LOS staff worked to set up public WIFI in the Broad River area of Buncombe County.
  • Staff partnered with fire department and Skyrunner to implement this project.
  • LOS staff supported providers in the region with GREAT grant assistance leading to 21 applications across the region.
  • LOS is supporting hot spot access to 325 individuals across WNC through Student Connect program, thanks to the support of Dogwood Health Trust.
A-B Tech Broadband access Broadband in WNC Education

Essential Instrument of Equity

Broadband is the Key Instrument

I found 8 members for my band on the Facebook Business Insider article linked below; and, they all have broadband.

If each of my band members wanted to learn or upskill their musical talent, they could use broadband as their instrument to upskill their musical skills by reading and watching online content.

But as Dr. John Gossett references, broadband at home is a resource that could be scarce if multiple individuals needed to connect.

My analogy is that if I wanted to grow my band during COVID, finding students to learn and practice their musical instrument, could be very very hard to facilitate; even if you had broadband.

Broadband internet access contributed [to a decline in attendance at A-B Tech Community College] as did access to internet-capable devices.

Dr. John Gossett, A-B Tech President

No Broadband, No Learning Opportunity

So the thought that I’m trying to communicate is Western North Carolina has a lot of potential musicians or professions that could be upskilled with broadband.

Not having access to high-speed internet or broadband instantly put these community members at a severe disadvantage in life.

What musical talent would you upskill to be considered my band?

  • accordion?
  • acoustic guitar?
  • bagpipes?
  • banjo?
  • bass guitar?
  • bongo drums?
  • bugle?
  • cello?

Hah. Although I played the oboe in high school, I need to start somewhere to improve my ability to plan to play in a concert.

Broadband would be my instrument of initial choice to facilitate a more knowledge and learnings to make myself a better candidate for a band.

Marc Czarnecki, an Experienced Worker Initiative of WNC Team Member, WNC Broadband Project Team Member, & Digital Literacy Network Community Tech

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