Broadband in WNC Digital Divide

The Issue

Device Ownership

What is the core issue with the digital divide in America?

Device ownership is the heart of digital equity and the ‘Gateway to Opportunity.’ says Digtunity.

Help bridge the #digitaldivide. Digital equity is a civil rights issue. This injustices that the digital divide inflicts on people are worthy of outrage and an ugent, societal response.


Bridging the Digital Divide

What is needed?

  • Working computers
  • Internet access
  • Digital literacy skills
  • Technical support
  • Device repair

Who is most affected?

  • Students
  • Older adults
  • Veterans
  • Individuals with disabilities
  • Other Marginalized populations

Digital Divide – 3 Key Issues

  1. Computers – everyone needs a computer with up-to-date functionality and support
  2. Internet – millions of people do not have access to the internet due to affordability or lack of physical connectivity
  3. Digital Literacy – everyone needs to know how to sue a computer safely, and perform common tasks such as sending email, using websites, and utilizing common applications like spreadsheets and word processing

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