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Make Internet Available

Digital Inclusion Week (DIW) aims to raise awareness of solutions addressing home internet access, personal devices, and local technology training and support programs.

DIW2020 is sponsored by the National Digital Inclusion Alliance representing more than 450 affiliated organizations in 44 states working toward digital equity.

Kenneth Merritt – “number one is making the internet available for everyone, making it accessible for everyone”

Digital Inclusion

The ability of individuals and groups to access and use information and communication technologies.

Digital Equity

The condition in which all individuals and communities have the information technology capacity needed for full participation in our society, democracy and economy.

Digital equity is necessary for civic and cultural participation, employment lifelong learning, and access to essential services.

Stay Connected

This is the best time in our history of the continental US is that we stay connected. This is this is a time where individuals need to be informed. The internet is a great tool to use to stay informed and you can do it

Kenneth Merritt

Broadband in WNC Digital Equity Survey

Digital Inclusion Survey

DIW2020 is October 5th – October 9th

Digital Inclusion Week 2020 (DIW2020) is Monday, October 5th – Friday, October 9th.

With your help, we all can move closer to our common goal: that all people have access and use of the Internet and the tools they need to use it.

Social Media Callouts

You can join the conversation on social media, with any of these hashtags:

  • #digitalequityNOW
  • #digitalinclusion
  • #DIW2020

WNC Broadband Project Survey

What digital inclusion in WNC?

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