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MCOM Student Projects

UNCA Mass Communications Student Projects

Students created content for the WNC Broadband in the spring of 2022.

Dr. DiPalma led a senior seminar in the Mass Communication department at UNC Asheville. Throughout the semester, students created a variety of multimedia projects for the WNC Broadband group.

Below are the project pages.

Online Orchards

by Julia Roberts

Henderson County Teachers Face Broadband: Dual Language Learning in the Digital Divide

by Kevin McCall

Ruling out the Digital Divide: The Blight of Unreliable Internet in WNC

by Xavier Hooper and Diego Garcia

WNC Broadband Project Social Media Campaign

Lack of Broadband Access Impedes Student Success in the Cherokee County Schools

Sylva to Cullowhee, NC: The Hidden Community in the Mountains-Understanding the Importance of Broadband Development in Rural Communities

Broadband and Connectivity around the Blue Ridge Parkway: A Necessary Asset for Survival

Expanding and Improving Reliable Broadband to Remote Workers in Weaverville, NC: The effects of policy on remote workers in WNC and closing the digital divide

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