Speed Test

Broadband service speed and capacity can be distributed unevenly not only across our region, but even in our local communities and neighborhoods. Often, consumers struggle to learn what level of service they and others in their area receive. Moreover, internet service providers are not motivated to share such information with their customers.

In order to gather this information for consumers to use in communication with their providers, we are constructing a map of broadband speeds in your community. Would you be willing to provide your address for us to display the speed of your internet service on the map? (We will not sell any data).

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There are major issues in broadband delivery concerning where broadband is available and what the actual speeds are delivered by providers. We are working on ways to determine the speeds in your area. Please help us by using the following speed test.

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Speed Test

IP Address:
Speed Test code provided by Libre (Source code)

We recommend taking the test more than once. The best results from your speed tests will be saved.

Your Best Results from the Speed Test:

Download Speed Mbps

Upload Speed Mbps

Based on the results of the speed test, your download speed allows you the following capabilities of various applications:

Download Speed: Mbps

Check email Stream HD content Stream 4K content and play competitive online games Stream 4K content, play online games, and download very large files
A green check mark means your speed is fast enough for the associated capabilities

Thank you for taking the speed test. Once you are finished, please click "Submit" below to submit your responses.