Welcome Upper Hominy Residents!

High-speed internet access is a modern necessity. This website has been created to assess the services provided in our local neighborhoods and to empower our communities. It was created by the WNC Broadband Project including UNCA students and faculty.

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Together we can advocate for higher quality internet services

Please complete the Five Steps to Better Broadband below.

The Five Steps to Better Broadband

Step 1: Understand Broadband in Your Area

Understand broadband, high-speed internet and related issues.

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Step 2: Take Our Survey

Our short survey is used to measure use of the internet, customer satisfaction and future preferences.

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Step 3: Run a Speed Test

This speed test takes a measurement of current upload and download internet speeds using measurementlab.net.

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Step 4: Speed in Your Community

View our map of your community's upload and download speeds.

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Step 5: Get Involved!

Learn how you can become further engaged in broadband issues.

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