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Welcome to the WNC Broadband Project

Together we can advocate for higher internet services.


Broadband 101

What is broadband and why is it important? Learn more about broadband and test your speed.  

Community Initiatives

See what communities are involved in the WNC Broadband Project and learn how to get your community involved.

Actions We Can Take

Learn more about broadband initiatives and the digital divide in WNC, what candidates and policymakers are saying, and how to get involved.

speed test

Speed Test and Mapping

Take the speed test to learn more about the capabilities of your speed and to contribute your speed data to further improve broadband in your community.

Recent News and Updates

The WNC Broadband Project (Project) aims to support communities interested in ensuring access to reliable, truly high-speed internet service. It develops tools to empower individuals, communities, and area leaders in advocating effectively for their digital needs.  As a community-supported initiative building on the work of West Next Generation Network (WestNGN), it is not owned or controlled by any affiliate of WestNGN.  The WNC Broadband Project is also not financed by any corporate entity, as such financing would be inconsistent with the Project’s independent community engagement focus.  The views, opinions and products of the WNC Broadband Project are the sole responsibility of the Project team and its advisory board, acting in their personal capacity and not in any capacity related to WestNGN, UNC Asheville, or any other WestNGN affiliate.